“The waves are not the ocean” — and other non-sensical observations.

The story with “Cause and Effect”

B.M.R. Heijligers
9 min readMar 13, 2021


Are there alternative perspectives possible to the Cartesian linear world of singular cause and effect narratives and conceptual veracity? Is it folly to consider these alternative narratives? Especially in a time of crises?

Quote Jackson Peterson:

The Refutation of “Cause and Effect” and Dependent Origination

If we take Buddhist “dependent origination” as the single explanation for how reality is and how it works, this would be no different than the current, materialistic views of the physical sciences; reality is just the cause and effect interactions of material substances. This is the basic view that Buddhism has also been crippled by for centuries and it creates an otherwise insoluble paradox for practitioners of Dzogchen.

I doubt many have noticed this paradox nor have resolved it. But the view of dependent origination is one of the many errors of the lower yanas.

This means that the apparency in a movie, projected on a movie screen, of a person hitting another person on the head with a rock, the rock seems to be the cause of the appearance of blood on the victims head.

The only cause for the bloodied head to show up on the movie screen is the projector, the light bulb in the projector and the film reel.

Samsara is the looking at perceptual experiences as though the causative actions amongst various agents seeming to “interact”, is being attributed to the agents themselves, instead of seeing them as simultaneous projections of a single Source; like a movie projector, with the cosmic, universal movie appearing on the screen of mirror-like awareness (presence).

People, creatures, atoms, molecules and complex energetic formations, appear, move and act as “projected” from a single Source. None have any autonomy or free will to act on their own volition.

It’s not that a mind or brain generates thoughts, but rather the brain, mind and thoughts are projected simultaneously, not in a “cause and effect” linear sequence.

Likewise it’s not that the mind affects the body nor that the body affects the mind; both are being projected simultaneously from a single Source, without either influencing the other.



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