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My Letter of Application to Nobel Prize winner Sir Roger Penrose 2020

Gravity Does Not Exist and Consciousness Attracts

B.M.R. Heijligers
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Consciousness Attracts — Drs B.M.R. Heijligers, Leiden Observatory

This letter is dedicated to my daughter Eliza Heijligers’ 21th birthday celebrated on the 21–02–2021.

Note: Due to my dyslexic and autistic nature my writing is less than verbose as I am a visual thinker. I am happy to elucidate my argument in a verbal and interactive form.

Gravity Does Not Exist

Gravity Does Not Exist — Prof. Vincent Icke, Leiden Observatory

The Leiden-Effect — Consciousness Attracts


Gravity Does Not Exist and Consciousness Attracts

An argument from consilience

Consilience can be described as the process of sense-making by combining insights from vastly different fields of knowledge, where the individual observations might not be very significant, yet the total sum observations, precisely because they are seemingly unrelated nature, creates a significant increase in predictive power.


Intelligence alone is not enough to understand the fundamental nature of reality. Meta-cognitive intelligence is necessary to intuitively relate to the self-referential nature of conscious reality whose existence as a form of Adult Human Development was shown by Robert Kegan.

Stage 3, 4 and 5 of Adult Human Development by Robert Kegan

The development of personal resilience to uncomfortable physical sensations is necessary for scientists to develop this flexibility of mind as language itself stands in between us and our understanding of a complete and consistent universe — Embodiment skills have to be thought and practiced at universities and research institutes and their efficacy researched.

Drs. B.M.R. Heijligers

An introduction into this application of psychotechnology for adult human development and embodied wellbeing you can find in this short primer:
Psychotechnology for embodied welbeing v1.1 — YouTube



The Leiden-Effect: The consequence of inevitable choice maximisation of self-organising matter in a non-material physical universe is that consciousness exhibits an entropic gravitational effect.

For my initial argument for the implications of an assumption that consciousness is a fundamental constituent of reality see this article:

The Leiden-Effect: Consciousness Attracts | by B.M.R. Heijligers | May 20th 2019 | Medium

Penrose Institute — Grant Application

I hereby would formally apply for a grant at the Penrose-Institute to support the research and development of practical interventions and study their efficacy at leading universities such as Leiden University, Princeton, Max-Planck Institute and Oxford to support leading researchers in the field of entropic gravity and it’s relationship to self-organisation and consciousness with their progression for Adult Human Development.

Research Questions

Metacognitive research questions:

What (psycho)technological, biological and memetic interventions exist to support researchers in achieving the necessary flexibility of mind to progress higher on the stages of “Adult Human Development — Robert Kegan”?

Does Cosmology as a field inside a tradition-driven university culture need an injection of trans-disciplinary cultural innovation?

Can we crowdsource certain psycho-technological challenges by facilitating an open discourse between academics in the hard sciences and experts in embodiment and consciousness expansion?

Cosmological research questions

Can we directly measure the Leiden-Effect?

Can we find detectable changes in G around self-similar structures within quantum processors?

Does entropic gravity augmented with a "Galactic consciousness profile" negate the need for dark matter in modelling the gravitational potential of galaxies and clusters of galaxies?

Can we indirectly measure the Leiden-Effect and/or quantisation of an entropic reality?

Can we find measurable evidence for a gravitational entropic charge of self-organising matter in correlations within the noise spectrum of high energy cosmic rays at various distances from earth?

Does Stephen Wolframs’ metamathematics, and it’s application on self-similar hyper-objects, provide the necessary computational framework to solve the mystery of AdS / CFT holographic bijection in light of quantifying information loss?

Are “Black Holes” a less than meaningful name to describe the bijective nature of an information horizon?

Data — The Foundation

Stephen Wolfram’s publication (Stephen Wolframs Physics Project) of a unification model based on hyper-objects and cellular automatons in non-linear time, Erik Verlinde’s entropic gravity*5 and David Pierce’s non-material physicalism create a possible non-temporal/a-causal model of matter and consciousness.

Stephen Wolframs Physics project

This idea that gravity is not a fundamental force of nature was first stated by Prof Vincent Icke of Leiden Observatory and popularized in his book:

The Icke-Effect: Gravity does not exist.

Erik Verlinde explains how the apparent gravity of our daily lives can emerge from the difference of entropy contained within a volume of empty space vs that that of a volume of space containing matter.

Erik Verlinde — Entropic Gravity (and black holes don’t exist)

This finding is supported by Donald Hoffman’s consilient observation that in his computational simulations of conscious agents he finds that natural selection does not select for truth finding, rather exclusively for survivability. That is evolution makes sure we do not see reality as it.

Also Noam Chomsky talks about the limits of our language to relate to reality as did Douglas Hofstadter, Alfred North Whitehead and Kurt Gödel.

I summarise my conclusions based on these observations as follows:

The Gödel-Effect: The reductionist model of modern science is insufficient for long term sense making and regenerative action and therefor a potential threat to the survival of the human species.

The Leiden-Effect: The consequence of the choice maximisation of self-organising matter and consciousness is that it exhibits a entropic gravitational effect.

The Brouwer-Effect: Mass-profiles of galaxies and clusters of galaxies require in addition to a M/L-ratio a M/C-ratio describing the distribution of organising matter whose magnitude is dependent upon the quality of experience of the conscious components.

The Meijer-Effect: The discrete nature of the process-relational hyper objects give rise to unexpected (semi) harmonic resonant frequencies whose amplitude increases in accordance with the memetic complexity of biological processes that are generating them.

The Heijligers-Effect: Local changes in consciousness, as mediated through the translation of the noö-sphere through the entropic Hilbert space of hyper-objects have measurable effects that can be seen in: Changes in the local Hubble constant *4, correlations in the noise spectra of high energy cosmic rays *3, changes in the fine-structure constant *2 and neutrino/particle-oscillations outside that of the standard model *1. These effects occur time shifted related to the changes in consciousness, either forward or backward in time, depending on the quality of experience of these consciousness changes. In general the increase of local memetic entropy causes measurable statistical artefacts in seemingly unrelated processes.

The Foundation-Effect: An anti-gravity device becomes possible when the entropic value of a volume of space can be increased to above that of “normal” empty space.

The Semmelweis or Scapegoating effect

Note of Caution

Just like Dr. Semmelweiss used completely the wrong words in ascribing the mechanism of “Cadaverous Contamination” as cause for the near 100% mortality rate in the maternity ward of his hospital, as the existence of micro-organisms was not known at that time, so does this proposal lay no claim to the correctness of the details of this argument. Yet the consequence of his thinking: the intervention of washing and sterilising his hands in between operations, stands unchallenged to this day. May the research and development of metacognitive interventions in academic circles serve a similar purpose.

(Note: Dr. Semmelweiss was ostracised by his colleagues who refused to accept that the touch of a gentleman could be the cause of fatalities and died later in a mental institution of the complications of an infection caused by his treating doctors, thereby coining the term “The Semmelweiss-reflex” in cognitive neuroscience.)

On a lighter note, here are some corollaries:

The Memetic Desire-Effect: Understanding an argument of consilience is contingent upon the level of “Adult Human Development — Robert Kegan” of the reader. Particularly pertaining to the individual researchers reading such argument and that of the level of 5 of his closest friends and colleagues

The Pareto-Effect: Conscious self-organising hyper-objects tend to a Pareto dominance hierarchy of values.

The LePoole-Effect: 80% of the right answer can be written on 20% of a beer coaster.

The Dennett-Effect: Regenerative conscious self organisation exhibits ben-selfish behaviour.

The Wolfram-Effect: Time flows in discrete steps.

The Bear-Effect: There is a critical memetic mass.

The Whitehead-Effect: Our experience matters

The Andrea Silva-Effect: No Pain, No Gain*42

The David Moore-Effect: Truth is found in paradox and revealed through irony.

The Wigner-Effect: The imagination of a future increases the likelihood of finding oneself in that future. *41 *13


Cultural research questions

Does a pareto-segregated value system provide the necessary scale-invariant decision model to enable an evolutionary and regenerative change in the democratic process of sense making?

Can we leverage the pareto-distribution of both embodied wisdom and memetic knowledge with a pareto-democracy?

Can we transform economic growth into #RegenerativeCapitalism using an pareto-ecosystem of value based (virtual) currencies?

Note of gratitude

My gratitude goes out to Dr. Peter Katgert for his years of support and devotion to the truth and his family. To Drs. Rudolf Lepoole for his never ending enthusiasm and brilliant way of solving complex problems on the back of a coaster. To Prof. Vincent Icke for inspiring me to walk the path less trodden. To my daughter Eliza Heijligers for continuing to excel as a student and human being even though I as a father and the Netherlands as a society failed her miserably. To my wife Inge Heijligers, for being the elegant survival champion that you are and your ability to remain lovingly standing in the whirl stream of our lives.

I look forward to your response and your support and remain at your service,

Drs. B.M.R. Heijligers

Alumnus Leiden Observatory



“New Physics Implications of Recent Search for KL→π0ν¯ν at KOTO” by Teppei Kitahara, Takemichi Okui, Gilad Perez, Yotam Soreq and Kohsaku Tobioka, 19 February 2020, Physical Review Letters.
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2. Four direct measurements of the fine-structure constant 13 billion years ago

3.Directly Detecting Signals from Absorption of Fermionic Dark Matter
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5 Erik Verlinde — “On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton”.

Massimiliano Proietti et al. Experimental test of local observer independence, Science Advances (2019). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw9832



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