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B.M.R. Heijligers
4 min readJan 20, 2021


Who do you want to be in a time of change?

Change requires adaption. Adaption requires flexibility. How flexible are you in changing what makes sense to you?

Sense-making and the meaning crises

8 Profound Podcasts on the Meaning Crisis, Sensemaking, & Game B | Sloww

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What is Adult Human Development?

Well let’s start with Robert Kegan’s observation that among professional adults 3 different levels of “Sense-making” architecture can be identified.

<Kegan Level 3> A Socialized Mind

I am okay because the people around me tell me I am okay.

<Kegan Level 4> A Self Authoring Mind

I know #RIGHT from #WRONG

<Kegan Level 5> A Self Transforming Mind

I embrace Paradox.

I exist because I experience change —

Drs. B.

Why does Adult Human Development matter?

Adult human development is something everyone can develop, completely independent of traditional measures of intelligence.
It relates to the embodied level of complexity an individual can navigate in the face of uncertainty relating directly to one's personal sense of reality. Each progression in Adult Human Development increases the tolerance for uncomfortable experiences and the priority of “Sense Making” over “Right or Wrong” connects the evolution of these stages.

What (psycho)technological, biochemical and memetic interventions exist to support researchers in achieving the necessary flexibility of mind to progress higher on the stages of “Adult Human Development ”?

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What can you do when you increase your #MetaCognitiveIntelligence?

Well for example you can invent something like:

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