#EmbodiedWellbeing Masterclass @ Google 2020

Embodied Well-being starts with Vivid-Imagination

What happens when our #SafetyZone no longer overlaps our #Comfortzone?

The path forward is by conditioning ourselves to face uncomfortable somatic sensations, slow down and appreciate the power of inter-connectedness.

Even Ubermensch Friedrich Nietzsche extolls the virtue of connecting to the wisdom of your body.

January 2021 — Version 1.02

Aluba Fenix — Executive Coach at Google Cloud

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My Alma Mater: Leiden Observatory
Traffic Technology International: Cover article on Cellular Floating Car Data
Inspired Action: Wisdom in Motion
Our Body-Mind complex
The meta-cognitive perspective of being a strange loop
Breaking Free Bootcamp
Is water only wet when you are not in it?
Shifting perspectives of our conscious attention
The metacognitive perspective of old.
Freedom Evolves
Where we are now.
Suffering is the resistance to discomfort. Therefor entirely optional.
Kyukushinkai — The one true way
Losing your mind and Coming to your senses @ Rockstart Amsterdam
Leading by example: Heroines in action at Rockstart
This is not a picture of Safety vs Comfort zone
Where we are after we expose ourselves after
Albert Camus' answer to the dilemma of Syssifus: "Imagine Syssifus happy"
Have we evolved to perceive reality as it is?

Process-relational thought rejects the Cartesian idea that there are minds, or things that think, and bodies, or matter that only acts according to strict causal laws. Rather, the two are considered one and the same, or two aspects of the same evolving, processual reality.

I liked how that tasted! Where can I get more?

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