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B.M.R. Heijligers

Consciousness Attracts — The Leiden-Effect

A little background:

I’ve studied astronomy and cosmology at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands. Specializing in large scale structure formation in dark matter gravitational N-Body simulations and the detection of super-massive black holes through optical interferometry.

Drs. B.M.R. Heijligers — A life in pictures

A visual resume of my academic journey

Outer space

#EmbodiedWellbeing Masterclass @ Google 2020

Individually and as a culture we are faced with the challenge that our safety zone no longer overlaps our comfort zone.

The path forward is by conditioning ourselves to face uncomfortable somatic sensations, slow down and appreciate the power of inter-connectedness.

A journey into feminine abundance.

A participant in a men’s program recently asked me how to learn to feel safe in his body, after hearing me share my story.

I discovered my body aged 36. I found out my body had it's own conscious awareness. It could make choices on it's own. …

Thank you for elaborating on what I consider the most important piece of "unknown" scientific understanding.

I have created an updated version of the graphic and put the model in a little less verbose context.

Any comments are more then welcome!

During every transformation the poor little man/woman inside the circle has to die. #AdultHumanDevelopment

What is Adult Human Development?

Well let’s start with Robert Kegan’s observation that among professional adults 3 different levels of “Sense-making” architecture can be identified.

<Kegan Level 3> A Socialized Mind

I am okay because the people around me tell me I am okay.

<Kegan Level 4> A Self Authoring Mind

I know #RIGHT from #WRONG

<Kegan Level 5> A Self Transforming Mind

I embrace Paradox.

I exist because I experience change —

Drs. B.

Why does Adult Human Development matter?

Breaking free in the UK with Robert Glover and Rowan Andrews

Find out how you can experience greater wellbeing, flow and connection in your life and take responsibility for your experience now!

Embodied wellbeing for all high performers.

The Hackathon

Hacking Mental Health — Data Science & creativity: find a solution to improve the mental health of those struggling in the COVID pandemic

Now that the COVID-19 crisis has lasted for over a year, the consequences of mental health have shown to be worthy of attention. “The impact of the…

Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash

A story of synchronicity

Both Jamie Wheal in his program "Recapture The Rapture" and my friend Apollo in his Memetic Desire reading group, describe the same phenomenon to me on the same evening, in 2 different ways.

Penrose’s Game of life

You can find the instruction manual in the basement…

B.M.R. Heijligers

Cosmologist gone #Rogue. Embodiment coach for the technologically gifted. Voor Nederland: Drs. B. — Sterrenkundige en #WetenschapsFilosoof.

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